About us

The International Preschool is a preschool for children between the ages of 1 to 6 years of age. The school is open from Monday to Friday. Morning breakfast, afternoon snack, fruit snack and Lunch is provided for the children. The language spoken at The International Preschool, is English. However, we embrace the way in which the English language is spoken differently all over the world, and that this in turn lends itself to the ideology of The International Preschool.
The International Preschool is a play orientated preschool, as we believe that play is an essential stepping stone to future learning as it develops social skills and imagination. Play also builds strengths and interests – as it motivates a child to want to learn as they bring a part of themselves to the materials that they interact with, and therefore, allow self expression. Our schools are structured into classes according to age. All groups will be slightly different Please bear in mind that the needs of the children, flexibility and spontaneity are of utmost priority.

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